Watermelon Man

Oil on Canvas, 36 x 48

© 2007 Deborah Tidwell Holtzscheiter








AAG Show First Place – 2D
Juror Critique

Wow, how do you not look at this piece? There is such perfection. Every bit of this piece commands my attention in its surface quality—every fold, every curve of the truck, every reflection in the glass, the pattern on the melons—every part of this painting deserves attention. I can’t find a space on this painting that is not a beauty to look at. It is a fine painting. The portrait in itself is a lovely painting of an elderly gentleman who could have been my grandfather in rural SC—it’s just beautiful. Congratulations to Tidwell who painted just masterfully.






2008 Yellow Jasmine Festival
North Augusta, South Carolina
- Third place honors went to 'The Watermelon Man' by Deborah Tidwell Holtzscheiter of Aiken, South Carolina.